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Are verrucas contagious?

They are not as contagious as people thought in the past. Foot baths have been removed at swimming pools and the need to wear rubber socks, for those with verrucas when swimming, is not considered to be necessary any more.

Often only one member of a family has a verruca. But of course that person must have picked it up somewhere!

It is a good idea to wear flip-flops to avoid picking up an infection around swimming pools because the skin is more susceptible to the virus after someone has been in the water for longer than half an hour.

How can I avoid fungal nail infection?

Careful attention to hygiene is the key.

Inspect nails and see a chiropodist if they become discoloured, thick or painful.

Feet need to be washed and properly dried every day.

Nails should be kept short.

Using a nail brush is a good way of cleaning under the nails.

The use of nail varnish should be restricted.

 Socks should be changed every day. 


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