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Quotes Thank you so much for today, as promised you didn't hurt me. And I'm very satisfied Quotes
Carly Hallam

Quotes Dear Mrs Snarey, I thank you so much for the kidness you showed me on my appointment. The excercises you advised did help, just a little, but eventually the pain forced me to go to the doctors. I am awaiting an X-ray as the doctor feels I may have a 'spur', Doesn't sound too good, but then it doesn't feel too good either, but then it could be worse. Thank you again for your kindness, I'll never forget it. Sincerely Kathie B. Quotes
Kathleen B. from Eastry
Thank you

Quotes Dear Mrs Snarey, This comes to say how much I appreciated your cure of my feet. They are VERY MUCH improved and it is so wonderful to walk freely. Thank you so much.With best love and thanks.Yours sincerely Tony J. Quotes
Tony J.

Quotes Dear Zsuzsanna, I hope that you remember me, you kindly gave me a new pair of feet a couple of months ago. Just wanted to say thank you again, so once again "THANK YOU" Phillip M. x Quotes
Phillip M.
Satisfied patient