Eastry Chiropody

The home of happy feet

Zsuzsanna Snarey 


Qualified Surgical Chiropodist

Member of the British Chiropody and Podiatry Association

Healthcare Professions Council Registered CH 17288

Directions to Eastry Chiropody

On the A256 from Sandwich to Dover turn sharp left in front of  Eastry Pharmacy  (or right if coming from Dover) follow Church Street turning left in front of Eastry Church. 

Look for the No Cycling/No Riding sign straight ahead and the EASTRY CHIROPODY sign underneath. 

Turn right down a driveway with a fence on the left  and  a hedge on the right.

There is parking in front of the house with enough room to turn around.


For all your foot care needs:
  • corns, 
  • calluses, 
  • hard skin, 
  • ingrowing toenails, 
  • verrucas, 
  • thickened discoloured toe nails (fungal infection)
  • nail cutting.

Call on   01304 611687   or      07870 385 984 

Video of Eastry Chiropody

Maid with the Flaxen Hair
Richard Stoltzman/Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra (Fine Music, Vol. 1)